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Cabinet Makers | 4 Tips To Appoint Clever Cabinets For Your Bedroom

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Bedrooms are best known for having built-in wardrobes, but if you're in dire need of additional storage, then bedroom cabinets are excellent choices to supplement your wardrobes. Bedroom cabinets are great for storing linen, bed sheets, blankets, pillowcases, clothes, accessories, shoes and other items to declutter your floor space. Planning bedroom cabinets requires careful consideration, so use these tips when working with cabinet makers to appoint clever cabinets for your bedroom.

Choose Harmonised Materials That Resonate With Your Bedroom Décor

You'll want to choose bedroom cabinets that integrate seamlessly into the theme of your bedroom for a cohesive look, so make sure you choose materials and finishes that are similar to your existing bedroom furniture. For example, complement your rosewood-finished built-in wardrobe and bed with a similar rosewood-styled bedroom cabinet to create harmony in the room. Similarly, if your wardrobes and beds are finished with white laminate, then you should ideally use the same finish on your bedroom cabinets for a homogenous appearance. The matching furniture will bring all the elements of your bedroom together for decorative consistency.

Be Prudent With Your Size Selection

When deciding the size with your cabinet makers, you'll want to make sure that the cabinets are not too small or too large. Small cabinets will prove futile to your storage requirements and large cabinets will hamper your bedroom movement space. As a rule of thumb, the depth of your bedroom cabinets should not exceed the depth of your wardrobe. While measuring the size, make sure you can walk through the area where your cabinet will be housed without any stress on your movement. If you feel slightly cramped, reduce the size of the cabinets.

Consider Adding Different Compartments To Organise Items

Creating special compartments in your bedroom cabinets will give you the opportunity to accommodate your items in a more organised manner. For example, you can create layers of shelves for adding large items, but you can also add drawers and columns for storing smaller items and accessories. Creating special storage compartments will give you better control over the placement of your belongings, so you know where to look when you need specific items.

Utilise the Space Smartly

Bedroom cabinets should be put to optimum use, so ask your cabinet makers to include hooks and handle bars along the cabinet doors for added storage space. This extra storage will allow you to hang smaller items like watches, earrings, chains and ties inside the cabinet, instead of on your floor.

Cabinet makers like Pinoy Cabinets will be able to help you customise your bedroom cabinet requirements to your own specifications –– use these guidelines for making clever appointments.