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Decorative Screens: Benefits of Installing Them at Your Main Entryways

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If you are looking to enhance the appearance as well as the functionality of your residence, there are an assortment of aspects to consider. These aspects range from cladding to exterior window furnishings and more. However, one of the underrated items when it comes to updating the appearance of your home is decorative screens. Some people assume that decorative screens do not have any other function than to simply enhance the aesthetics of their doorways. Although decorative screens do function to make your entryways more attractive, this is not their exclusive function. Below are some of the various benefits that you would get by installing decorative screens at your main entryways.

Decorative screens will act as a protective barrier for your main door

Main doors tend to be grand and majestic as they give off the first impression of the residence. As such, they tend to be made from expensive materials with special stains to ensure that not only are they attractive, but durable too. However, this does not make your main door immune to acquiring damage, especially if it is consistently exposed to inclement weather. If you would like to install a protective barrier for your door against the elements, then a decorative screen would be an ideal option. This decorative screen will not only minimise the amount of moisture that your door is exposed to, but it will also protect it from flying debris due to high winds.

Decorative screens enhance your home's energy efficiency

Another little-known benefit of decorative screens is how they will improve your home's energy efficiency. During the hotter months, homes will increase the dependency on air conditioning. This results in increased energy consumption by the home, leading to exorbitant energy-related bills. If you would like to decrease this dependency on artificial cooling, then you should consider decorative screens. Having a decorative screen allows you to keep your main door wide open, thus allowing a breeze to pass through the home. This natural ventilation will mean you need less air conditioning to cool your home, thus making your home more energy efficient.

Decorative screens keep pests out

Another thing homeowner will have to contend with during the warmer months is an increase in pests. This is especially true with mosquitoes, which seem to increase exponentially when the climate is warm and humid. Instead of limiting the natural ventilation from the outdoors in an attempt to keep the pests out, you should invest in decorative screens. These will allow you to allow airflow in your home while ensuring that the critters are left outside.