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How to Choose the Ideal Dining Furniture for Your Home

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If you are in the market for new dining furniture, you should know that this is the kind of investment that should last you a decade or more. Just like your couch, dining furniture is quite pricey, and you can't be replacing it after every few years. That's why you need to take your time during the selection process to ensure that you buy an appealing, functional and versatile set that will serve you for years. Below are some few tips that should guide you in choosing the best furniture that will meet your needs.

Dining table size

Before going into the design details of your furniture, think about the ideal size for your home. A few factors should inform this decision. The fixed determinant is the size of your room. You cannot buy a dining set that is larger than the room. Take proper measurements when designing custom furniture to avoid making the place look squeezed. Also, leave adequate space around the room for people to move around freely.

Second, think about the number of people that you intend to sit in the dining area on a typical dinner or brunch. Do you host guests or family regularly? If so, put them into account as well to ensure that everyone gets a spot on the dining table.

Furniture design

After determining the size of your dining table, the next thing is to choose a design. You can go for a rectangle, square, or oval-shaped dining table. Rectangle tables are highly functional, and this makes them the preferred choice for most people. You can add to the table when hosting a party. Square tables can be used in both small and large homes. However, to sit a lot of people on a square table, you will need more space as compared to if you chose a rectangle design. Finally, oval tables work well in small rooms and are suitable if you want to sit six or fewer people around the table.

Furniture aesthetics

Don't forget about the colour of your dining furniture as it will impact the aesthetics of the entire room. Make sure that the chosen colour complements the rest of the home's décor. With timber dining tables, you can stain the wood with light or dark finishes according to your preference – there are various options on the market to choose from. You may also wish to contrast the chairs and table to give the space a dramatically appealing look.

Work with a furniture expert to design custom dining furniture that will deliver on functionality and aesthetics.