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Give Them The Help They Need: How A Lift Chair Will Benefit Your Loved One

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If your loved one suffers from mobility issues, it's time to invest in a lift chair. You might not realise this, but ordinary chairs can cause serious problems for people with mobility issues. Lift chairs are designed to provide the assistance your loved one needs to safely navigate from a standing to a seated position, and vice-versa. Not only that, but lift chairs are designed to go with any decor, which means they'll blend well with your other furniture. Here are just four of the benefits your loved one will enjoy when you buy them a lift chair

Alleviate Pressure on Joints

If your loved one has arthritis or other joint disorders, ordinary chairs can be difficult to navigate. Each time they stand up from a seated position or sit down from a standing position, pressure is placed on their joints. Unfortunately, that pressure can cause severe pain. That's where a lift chair comes into the picture. With a lift chair, that unwanted pressure isn't placed on your loved one's joints, which means they'll experience less pain.

Reduce Issues With Swelling

If leg swelling or fluid retention, are problems that affect your loved one, it's time to invest in a lift chair. Lift chairs provide reclining options, which help to alleviate issues related to swelling and fluid retention. Not only that, but lift chairs also provide massage options, which can also help with issues related to swelling. 

Provide Greater Independence

If your loved one is struggling with their loss of independence, a lift chair can help. As a person ages, ordinary tasks can become more difficult to accomplish. This includes activities such as sitting down and standing up. One of the benefits of a lift chair is that they provide assistance with both of those activities. Once your loved one has a lift chair, they'll be able to sit down and stand up without assistance, which will allow them to enjoy greater independence. As an added benefit, you won't need to worry that your loved one might fall while navigating their chair. 

Assist With Wheelchair Transfer

If your loved one requires the use of a wheelchair, transfers to a couch or chair can be hard to accomplish. This is especially true if your loved one is unable to place much weight on their legs. That's where the lift chair comes in handy. With a lift chair, you can elevate the seat to a position that's level with the wheelchair. From there, you can pivot your loved one from one seat to the other.