Embracing Your Heritage Through Furniture Restoration

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Give Them The Help They Need: How A Lift Chair Will Benefit Your Loved One

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If your loved one suffers from mobility issues, it’s time to invest in a lift chair. You might not realise this, but ordinary chairs can cause serious problems for people with mobility issues. Lift chairs are designed to provide the assistance your loved one needs to safely navigate from a standing to a seated position, and vice-versa. Not only that, but lift chairs are designed to go with any decor, which means they’ll blend well with your other furniture. Read More»

Critical Considerations for Designing a Custom Kitchen

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There is no doubt in any homeowner’s mind that a kitchen is the heart of a home. It is mainly the case because family meals originate from a kitchen. Other than meals, family members can relax and spend time with friends and loved ones. As such, your kitchen should be as inviting as possible, and what better way to make it that way than through customisation? A well-designed custom kitchen looks impressive and provides the perfect environment for morning coffees and evening dinners without losing its functionality. Read More»